Painting a large room can be a big task, especially for someone who does not paint often. Just a brush and a can of paint won't be enough. Even with rollers and other painting tools, painting a large room can be very time consuming. It can also be physically taxing, especially without the right products. When painting a large room, certain painting products can help save time and energy. Here are three paint products that anyone painting a large room should consider. 

Spray Painting Equipment

Painting a large space with brushes and rollers can be quite the workout. It can also cause sore muscles and aggravate back problems. Spray painting equipment is something that can alleviate these issues. This type of equipment uses a continuous spray to coat the walls making it ideal for large spaces. There are a few different types of spray painters to choose from including a tank sprayer, airless sprayer, and HVLP (high volume, low pressure) models. Handheld airless sprayers are the most cost effective option coming in between $50 and $175. Options with a pump are more expensive and can cost as much as $900. HVLP sprayers cost between $200 and $400 and are great for painting trim. For those who do not want to invest in spray painting equipment due to the cost, this type of equipment can be rented for a much lower cost. 


One issue that many people run into when painting a large room is that they are unsure what to do with high ceilings. When painting a room that has high walls, a ladder may not be enough. Scaffolding is something that may be worth considering. Purchasing scaffolding can be quite the investment. Heavy duty scaffolding can easily cost $200 to $2,000. Renting scaffolding is a much more cost effective choice when painting a large room. Rates vary, but usually it costs $15 to $50 per day.

Drop Cloths And Extenders

While spray painters and scaffolding are great for large painting jobs, smaller equipment should not be ruled out. Brushes and rollers are likely to still be needed for detail work. Also paint brush and roller extenders may still be needed to get into hard to reach spots. Another product that can't be left out is drop cloths. Drop cloths are an essential piece of equipment for keeping the floors clean. A larger room often means larger drop cloths are needed.

Painting a large space can be daunting. However it can be easily tackled with the right equipment. Spray painters, scaffolding, drop cloths, and extenders can make painting a large room a much easier task.