Once your child enters the toddler stage, they can become quite destructive in an unintentional way. They are not old enough to truly understand the reasons that something is right or wrong. So, rubbing their dirty hands along the walls in their room may not come across to them as something to avoid doing. If you want to give their room a paint job for a fresh start, you will want to keep it in good condition.

Minimize Access to the Walls

When your toddler keeps their hands clean at all times, the risk of dirty walls is much slimmer. But, you should not trust them to go to the bathroom, reach the faucet, and turn on lukewarm water on their own. This makes it crucial to set up their room in a way that prevents the new paint job from getting dirty. Some easy ideas include lying a bookcase on its side or creating a storage area with furniture that blocks access to the walls. Surrounding the walls with furniture will still leave plenty of room in the middle for playtime. It will also give you a substantial amount of storage space to keep your child entertained at all times.

Consider Glossy Paint

Flat paint is extremely susceptible to permanent damage. It is a huge risk trying to get away with this type of paint in a toddler's room, but it may have been painted that way when you moved into the house. While you will still want to limit or eliminate access to the walls, glossy paint is an excellent choice. It looks shiny, but it is very easy to clean with only vinegar, detergent, and water as your ingredients.

Keep Art Supervised

Although your kid will have plenty of toys and learning activities stowed away, you should try to keep art supplies out of reach. It is easy to control whether the walls get dirty by supervising their art sessions. Whether you take them out of the room or work on art in their bedroom is completely up to you. But, if you do not have glossy paint in other areas of the house, you may want to stick to their bedroom.

Toddlers are not always easy to keep under control, so your paint may not be fully safe until they age. Using some or all of these ideas will help you minimize the chance of the paint getting notably damaged.

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