Even if your home has a fresh coat of paint and an impeccably manicured lawn, it can still look drab and shabby if any concrete walls or structures nearby are flaking or grimy. Whether you have a peeling painted patio, a dirty wall or a local graffiti issue, sandblasting the concrete surfaces of your home can make them look years younger and improve the overall appearance of your property. These are four advantages of using sandblasting equipment for paint removal or surface refreshing on concrete walls, floors and driveways. 

Getting the Job Done Quickly

Whenever you have a large concrete surface to clean or scrape paint off of, you are presented with a choice. You can spend hours chiseling away at the concrete by hand, or you can use technology to wrap it up within an afternoon. Sandblasting shoots tiny particles of matter known as media, which can be made up of sand, glass, walnut shells or any number of other materials, at high pressures. This powerful force of erosion typically makes short work of the upper layers of concrete.

Removing Paint Thoroughly

If you are stripping paint off of concrete and intend to paint over it again, you will need to remove every last square inch of the former coat for the new paint to adhere correctly. An experienced sandblasting contractor can apply even pressure across the entire structure to both thoroughly strip the old paint and maintain a smooth, even surface to begin preparing for its new coat. 

Controlling the Pressure and Texture of the Blast 

Not all concrete has the same structural properties. Some concrete is covered with a hard finish, while other mixtures are soft and crumble easily under pressure. Fine sand on a low pressure may be all you need to refresh the surface of your concrete, but it may not be enough to make a mark elsewhere. By relying on professionals with commercial equipment at their disposal, you can ensure that your concrete is stripped with the right media and at the right pressure to avoid damaging the concrete while still getting the job done. 

Cleaning a Surface Without Leaving Behind Chemical Residue

Sandblasting is an alternative to physically scraping off the top layer or applying chemical products. While the former is impractical, the latter often leaves behind residue that many homeowners are uncomfortable with. Sandblasting may be a little messy at first, but the excess media can be quickly cleaned up or allowed to run off during the next rain storm. As a natural, affordable and efficient way to prepare or refresh concrete, it's hard to find a more effective solution than sandblasting. Contact a company like APC Services for more information.