So you have decided to hire exterior painting services to paint your entire house. Before the painters arrive, there are some ways in which you can reduce the overall expenses of the job. Some painters may even make suggestions that can help you accomplish just that. Here are a few things you could tackle yourself, and how each of these lessens your expenses with the painting service.

Scrape as Much Paint as You Can Reach

Before the painters arrive, you can don a respirator and work gloves and pick up a paint scraper. Scraping paint off your home on all of the slats you can reach without a ladder gives the painters a really good headstart on their job. It also cuts back on the number of hours paid in labor costs, which means you pay less for labor.

Apply Painter's Tape and Window Film

Because the painters want to avoid dripping paint on the windows, they usually use painter's tape and plastic window film sheets to cover the windows while they work. If you do this step for them (as much as you are able), then you reduce your costs by reducing the price of the materials the painters need to purchase and apply to your windows. You also reduce more of those labor costs, because protecting and covering the windows is often considered part of the estimate for labor. Just be sure to thoroughly wash the window frames before attempting to tape the film over the windows or the painter's tape will not adhere properly to the surface of the frames.

Cover Your Landscaping Closest to the House with Tarps

Your landscaping, expecially the bushes, flowers and plants closest to the siding and foundation of your home, needs to be covered and protected too. Try to use clear tarps so that your green and growing things still get the sunlight they need and will not wilt or fade and die while you are trying to protect them from paint flakes and/or paint drips. If you have leftover plastic window film, this works really well too because you can place the film sheets over the tops of the shrubs, flowers and plants creating a plastic sheet tunnel. Both ends of the "tunnel" leave space for pollinating insects, which will also keep your landscaping healthy and flowering while the painters complete the exterior painting services you have hired them to do.

This little step reduces any possible expense of cleaning up the landscaping or removing greenery that was accidentally damaged during the painting process. While every painting service works to eliminate damage to your landscaping and usually covers the greenery, you can do this ahead of time, thereby reducing even more in labor costs and help your painters get a bigger jumpstart on their main job--painting your house. Consult with exterior painting services, such as American Permacoat , for more information.