If the entryway of your restaurant is starting to look a little shabby, you can really pull things together again with some new paint. Repainting the entryway to your restaurant can give your entire restaurant a face-lift and can help make your restaurant feel more inviting and welcome.

1. Pick Your Colors

The first thing you need to do is pick your colors. Since you are repainting the entryway or waiting area of your restaurant, remember that you don't need to stick to just one color. You can use a different color for the trim and the walls. You can also use a couple of colors on the wall and create a design.

When choosing the colors for your entryway, you want to choose colors that will bring your space together. You want to go with colors that will flow into the rest of your dining space and match with your outside advertising and signs. Look at the colors that you are already using for inspiration, but don't feel stuck with those colors if they just don't feel right. Go with complementary colors instead.

2. Clean Your Walls

Second, as much as you may dust and work to keep things clean, there is no denying that there is a lot of opportunity for the walls of the entryway of a restaurant to get dirty. From guests brushing up against the walls to young guests touching the wall with their hands to dropped food and splatters, there are lots of opportunity for the walls of your restaurant's entryway to get dirty.

Before you bring in the paint crew to transform the entry way, spend some time cleaning the walls. A simple solution of warm soapy water will do wonders to remove the built-up dirt from your walls.

As you clean, be sure to clean the baseboards and trim as well. Both of these areas can really build up dust. For the baseboards and trim, use a fresh bucket of water and perhaps a scrub brush. You may need to put a little more effort into removing the dirt that builds up at the base of the floorboards in your entryway.

You don't have to do a perfect cleaning job; you just want to remove dirt, oils, and food residue that will get in the way of a great looking paint job.

Having a clean slate and knowing the colors that you want to use in your restaurant entryway will make it easier for the commercial painters to come in and quickly paint the entryway of your business after-hours. Repainting the entry way to your restaurant is a quick and affordable way to change the feel of your restaurant.

For more information, contact your local commercial painting service.