White is your business's primary colors. The plain neutral shade adorns the outside of your building, your walls, and your ceilings as well. You want to add a splash of color to your establishment to take away from its plain appeal, but you don't want to go overboard and give off a nonprofessional impression.

White is a great color for commercial painters to work with because the shade is able to go with any color you wish. If you want to accent the white walls in your business while still maintaining a professional allure, consider the following colors.


Whether you prefer a slate gray or a light shade of cement gray, this color is crisp and clean and brightens up a white atmosphere without being overbearing. This understated color can even be calming in waiting rooms, reception areas, and dressing rooms. Choose any shade of gray you wish — or varying shades of the same color — to offset the plain white you already have in your business.


Known for its calming allure and easy appeal on the eyes, blue is a go-to color for many businesses. As a bonus, there are many shades of blue to choose from. For a masculine, prominent appeal, opt for a rich navy or blue-gray for accent walls in your business. For a lighter approach, opt for a light dusty blue or even a teal blue that brightens a room with a splash of color that won't make your business appear less professional.


Yellow, in general, is a charming color, but going too light with this shade can appear childish and take away from the appeal you are going for. An exception to standard yellow — if a light shade of the color is your goal — is soft yellow or buttercream yellow. Goldenrod, by comparison, is the mature version of yellow that makes white appear more cream and helps to brighten up an otherwise dull room.


Maroon is a classic style of red that makes people think of elegance and class. Ideal for waiting areas and consultation rooms, maroon is a powerful color that makes stark white appear even whiter and crisper. Stick to maroon as an accent wall only as this color can be overwhelming due to its dark appeal. Complement maroon walls with soft yellow lighting for the best appeal. Your commercial painting service will help you choose the best colors for your business's main white color.