Your restaurant business is all about making people feel comfortable, invited, and fed. Fixing up your dining area in a way that meets all three of those ideas is a tricky thing to accomplish, but setting the right mood for the atmosphere plays a major part. Therefore, picking the best paint color is going to be one of the most important things you can do for this area of your food-service establishment. You may be tempted to pick out a deep color hue to inject a certain mood, such as a dark wine red or a deep earth brown, but before you go with that darker paint color, it is best to know some of the pros and cons of doing so. 

Pro: Dark paint colors do not show dirt as easily as lighter colors. 

Cleanliness is a huge deal in the food-service industry for sure, so having painted walls that look clean is going to make the best impression on diners in your place of business. One key advantage of darker paint color is it will not show spots and stains so easily. Fingerprints, fly spots, and other markings are not going to be as visible against a darker color. Of course, you will still have to clean your walls, but any missed spots are not going to be as visible. 

Con: Dark colors can make a space feel smaller. 

If you own a smaller restaurant or have a smaller dining area, you do have to be careful about going with paint colors that are too dark. Dark color naturally makes a space feel smaller or more enclosed. You don't want diners to feel too overly crowded in a small space. 

Pro: It is easier to create a certain ambiance with dark colors. 

If you are a fine dining restaurant that often caters to couples during romantic dinners for two, creating that romantic ambiance is a good way to attract more customers. Dark colors tend to have more personality than light colors. They are perceived on a deeper level, which means something like deep red can induce romantic notions, or something like dark charcoal grey can induce a sense of regality. 

Con: A dark paint color does not help distribute light. 

Lighter colors are naturally more reflective of light, whether that light is natural light from a window or synthetic light from fixtures overhead. If you do not want the dining space in your restaurant to seem dimly lit, dark paint colors may not be the best solution. 

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