A lot of time may have passed since you bought your home, which means there is a decent chance that your family's style preferences may no longer be the same. If you are comfortable with working on one room at a time, you should consider focusing on the main bathroom.

This is a room that everyone in your household, as well as your guests, may use on a regular basis, which means you should not hesitate to invest in painting to change its style. Knowing which features you can paint will make it easy to hire a painting contractor and choose a few projects.

Mirror Frame

If you have a large mirror inside the bathroom for your guests to see comfortably even if there are multiple people in the room, you should consider painting the frame. This will make a noticeable difference with how the bathroom looks because it is a rather large feature. When you want this feature to function as the focal point of the bathroom, you may want to go with a bold color that will stand out compared to all the other colors that you choose for painting.

Another option is prioritizing neutral colors for the mirror frame and letting other features draw attention as soon as anyone walks into the bathroom.


If you have a large cabinetry collection because it came with the home or you added one knowing that the space was going to function as your main bathroom, you should paint those cabinets. At the very least, you will want to paint the cabinet doors because they are what most people will see when going into the bathroom and you want to make sure their look meshes with the new paint job.

When most of the cabinets are located in a visible area, you may want to combine a strategical paint choice with luxurious hardware to transform this feature into the focal feature.


Before you even walk into the bathroom, you can give the room a different feel by painting the door. While you could stick to painting the inside of the door to avoid changing how the outside looks, you may want to get a brand-new look and feel for the main bathroom in your home. An excellent idea is to take an accent color from the bathroom and using it for the door as well.

Giving your main bathroom a new style is not hard to do when you hire painters.