The interior design and allure of your clothing store can bring you a better return on your investment by ensuring your customers feel eager to buy and return to make more purchases. Color works in retail to encourage customer buying, and is commonly used in marketing as a way to encourage positive buying behavior.

The colors you choose, along with the assistance of your commercial interior painting services company, can help you get more out of your sales and lead to happier, more content, customers. Here are interior paint colors to consider for your clothing store.

Yellow or orange

If you want to create a sense of eagerness and excitement in your customers, then putting yellow or orange as your main interior paint color will be best for your commercial interior painting project. Yellow entices customer curiosity and can help bring customers into your store initially, while orange acts to help encourage customers to buy once they enter.

From soft yellow to burnt orange, you can use a variety of these encouraging colors to promote customer sales. Commercial interior painting services will help you pick the best colors for your retail space and will also help you select the right finish for these colors as well. The brighter the colors you choose for your walls, the less paint you need to use, so limit brighter hues to accent walls or trim.

Soft white

Classic soft white works as a main wall color as well as an accent color on the existing walls inside your clothing store. White can help make a room appear brighter and larger, so if your retail space isn't large, this is a great solution for your needs. Classic white with a blue undertone is ideal for a more professional appeal, and if you want to make the space more cozy for your customers, then consider a soft white with a yellow undertone.

Note: if you have a smaller clothing store, paint the ceilings white to make the space appear a lot larger and more inviting.


If you have a clothing store that features other items as well, then go for a more neutral yet engaging color for your walls, like gray. Gray walls make a great background for your offerings and can help make displays stand out nicely. Your commercial interior painting services company will help you pick out the best colors for your clothing store's interior walls so you can help your store stand out well.

If you're stuck deciding what color to paint your clothing store, talk to commercial interior painting services to get advice.