Wallpaper, like paint, comes in a variety of styles, textures, materials, and strengths. Type 1 wallpaper, for example, is a type of wallpaper used in commercial buildings and other heavily used areas and is a strength of wallpaper not used in homes. Another version of wallpaper used in commercial buildings is Type 2 wallpaper, which is slightly stronger than its counterpart.

Putting wallpaper in your commercial building is a great way to make rooms more stylish and easier to clean without having to dedicate the spaces to lots of paint. You should hire a commercial painter and wallpaper hanger to install your wallpaper for you, especially in larger rooms where precision is key. Where should you use Type 1 wallpaper in the workplace? Here's a guide to help you get the most out of this experience so you can make your building most appealing.

In the lobby

The lobby is the first room customers and employees see when they walk in. You want the room to stand out, so using Type 1 wallpaper in this space is beneficial. Choose a wallpaper that has a texture but not so much a pattern so the room has dimension and depth but doesn't look too busy. You can use a single shade of Type 1 wallpaper for most walls, then choose a more patterned or lightly textured wallpaper for a single accent wall for added appeal.

In the breakroom

The break room is where all employees and guests gather for a quick break or to grab a snack or lunch. You can use Type 1 wallpaper in this room to bring a comfortable appeal to an otherwise large and white space, but keep in mind that Type 2 wallpaper may be more ideal for walls that need to be washed or wiped down frequently. Walls that don't back a stove or refrigerator in the break room aren't likely to need cleaning as frequently, so you can use Type 1 wallpaper in these areas.

A break room should be calming and relaxing. Consider earth tones for wallpaper to make this space more efficient for this purpose.

In the office

Every employee should have a comfortable working space where they can hone in on their work and feel inspired. Putting Type 1 wallpaper in offices can make the spaces feel warmer and more inspiring, and can make the spaces feel less industrial as well. Compare different styles of Type 1 wallpaper you're considering for the workplace so you pick the best options for your building's design and your needs.