Take a good look around your home and look at how much trim you have in your home. It's all around every window and door, as well as around the bottom edge of every single room in your home. You may even have crown molding around your home as well. When you really look around and notice just how much trim work you have in your home, it can feel overwhelming when you think about painting it all. That can definitely be a lot of work to have to complete. Hiring a painter is one thing you can do to make this job easier on you, as they can get it done rather quickly. If you are set on painting all of this trim yourself, read on for a few tips to help make it easier to get it all done.

Use Painter's Tape

If you don't have a steady hand, using painter's tape will allow you to paint a little faster without having to worry about messing up the paint around your trim. This way you can move just a little faster without the worry of a mess in the process. Applying the painter's tape may take some time, but it is worth it in the end. Only use painter's tape, as masking tape or some other cheap version is not going to give you the same results. Painter's tape does not bleed through.

Apply Paint With An Angled Paintbrush

Using an angled paintbrush will help give you better results. You can hold your paintbrush at an angle and paint the entire piece of trim. The angled paintbrush will help you to paint the sides of your trim without making too much of a mess of your work. 

Hold The Side Of Your Hand Against The Surface

When you paint, if you keep the side of your hand against the surface, it will help give you a steady hand as you paint. This will help give you an even coating each time and ensure you're painting in smooth strokes. You'll see fewer brush strokes this way as well.

Use Semi-Gloss Or High-Gloss Paint

When you paint trim work around your home, you should use a semi-gloss paint or a high-gloss paint to make your trim stand out more and these types of paint are easier to keep clean. The trim on your home may be the part of your home that sees the most dirt and dust, more so than your walls, and this type of paint will help you keep it clean.

If you need your trim work painted around your home and it seems like too much work for you, you should hire a professional painter to help you get this job done. If you think you can do it all on your own, use the tips above to help you get it done.

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