Even the simplest residential painting project calls for significant planning. If you're hiring a contractor, it's a good idea to understand how to work with them to bring a plan to fruition. You will need to do the following four things to bring your plan together.

Determine the Project's Scope

First, you have to figure out what the scope of the project will be. Whether you want to paint a single room or do the entire house, the painters need to know how much equipment and supplies will be necessary. The project scope will also include dealing with issues like removing trim, clearing out rooms, and stripping existing paint from walls that aren't in great shape. You need to measure each wall and assess the current condition of the paint.


For most folks, the next question will involve picking paint colors. You should think about the home's overall style before committing to a color. If you have a very simple and modernist room, for example, you're probably going to want to maintain that look by using a limited palette and muted tones. There isn't anything wrong with getting adventurous, but stylistic consistency matters. That is particularly true if you're only painting one or two rooms while leaving the rest alone.

You may want to explore different color schemes. The simplest scheme is to contrast a strong color against white trim. However, you could also use near-complementary colors to create trim with a different shade of the color that will go on the walls. Especially if a room has several levels of moldings, this is a fun way to change its look.


You should contact several painters for estimates. If you're going to finance the project with something like a line of credit or funds from a second mortgage, you should clarify how much money will be available. When you make your budget, try to leave some wiggle room in case the painters encounter unexpected problems. If they need to repair some drywall, for example, it's wise to have some extra money in the budget to cover it.


You will also want to be sure that the painting company's schedule works well with yours. Some people schedule vacations during projects. Others arrange their projects around their work schedules. Not only does this minimize disruptions in customers' lives, but it reduces the number of people in the house while the painters are working.

For more information, contact painters in your area.