Sheds are great secondary structures that can meet a variety of functionality needs. However, on the exterior, sheds are a secondary structure that should enhance a home's curb appeal and appearance. If you have plans to install a shed or have a shed you plan to paint, here are some helpful tips.

1. Stick with the Same

The simplest approach to painting a backyard shed is to match the shed paint with the same color as your home. In terms of uniformity and attractiveness, it does not get better than sticking with the same paint color. Keep in mind that if your home was painted several years ago, there might be a slight variance between the shed's painted finish and your home's due to weathering.

2. Aim to Complement

If your home is painted and constructed from brick, stone, or another natural material, paint the shed in a complementary shade. For example, painting the shed deep brown would be nice for a home constructed with stones of varying shades of brown. Painting the shed to patch the house's trim color or the color of your door and windows is also an option.

3. Choose Durability

A shed is not as large as a home but requires similar consideration when selecting exterior paint. To ensure the paint can withstand the elements, you want to choose a high-quality paint rated for outdoor use, such as latex or semi-glass paint. Flat and indoor-rated paints will not withstand the elements and will show signs of wear quickly. 

4. Speak with the HOA

If your community has a homeowner's association, check in with them to see if there are any restrictions on shed colors. Some communities might list that sheds must be painted in the same color as the home. The last thing you want to do is paint the shed only to discover that you are not within guidelines and will need to perform the step again.

5. Call a Pro

Consider calling in a pro if your shed is highly visible from the front or side of your home. With such high visibility, if the shed is not painted well, it can make your house and entire property look worn and unattractive. In addition to proper paint application, a professional can help you select the most durable and complementary paint type and color.

The more you keep these tips in mind, the more satisfied you will be with the process, so make sure you follow these helpful tips. For more information, contact a company like Negrini Painting.